I Went Back In Time

7. apr. 2021
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This is the greatest disney facility of All Time

  • man i remember the sum of all thrills, i dont remember if i put any loops in cuz i was a little bitch lol but shit that was fun as hell. they should go for a concept like that again, i would 100% go again heck, itd be awesome if these games could be rebirthed in VR for like the oculus quest or valve index or sth, that would be stellar

    ChazChazPred 59 minutami
    • i would love to go to an arcade. when i travel to japan thats the first thing imma do, go to akihabara, browse, and find all the arcades

      ChazChazPred 56 minutami
  • Randy Paush? The same guy who gave his final lecture on life while he was about to die? Dudes a legend to me.

    patrick holbertpatrick holbertPred uro
  • what the fuck its actually fire, the Gentle Men HAVE to make a cover

    AlphariusAlphariusPred uro
  • OKay okay hear me out... THIS but for _Adults_ with *alcohol*

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  • You should go back into to that episode where you said anti vaxers are idiots. So, you getting your experimental "vaccine" since, you know, only idiots deny "science" 🤓...

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  • I live in sweden. The coolest thing i ever was at as a kid was the mcdonalds playground. Not even the cool shit outside they got now. Just the papa Nurgle ball pit and tiny slide. I wish we had cool shit like this.

    NaetherasNaetherasPred 5 urami
  • Me chillin' in vrchat on my vive 5:42

    CrecrossCrecrossPred 5 urami
  • despacito

    o_0o_0Pred 6 urami
  • A VR SETUP USED TO COST 50K!?!? i feel a lot better about not being able to afford a $800 one now.

    Adam1144Adam1144Pred 9 urami
  • Yessir Defunctland

    Joe GregoryJoe GregoryPred 9 urami
  • I miss DisneyQuest, it was the coolest arcade ever

    AtomicWhiskersAtomicWhiskersPred 9 urami
  • they had a virtual roller coaster

    fvck offfvck offPred 10 urami

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  • 8:30 There was a PC game called Ultimate Ride which was a roller coaster maker released by Disney Imagineers.

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  • I went somewhere as a child that was 3-4 stories high and in the middle was a giant network of tunnels, bridges, ropes, ladders, nets, it was wild. On every floor was games and arcades with little entrances and exits to the center maze. There was also normal stairs and elevators for parents. But I can not remember the name of the place or where it was if anyone knows what place im talking about.

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  • I wanna know his keyboard and mouse

    normal personnormal personPred 15 urami
  • Wait why penguiz0 dresses like jeasus

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  • imagine that shit today, with marvel and star wars and everything disney has fucking yoinked

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  • this is all where it began meanwhile ad starts to play

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  • Finally someone understands the magic of disney quest. hated that they shut it down a few years ago just for a shoe store. good to know that other people loved it like me and my family.

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  • the song i made was a country song called My Dog Gets More Dates Than I Do

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  • the good ol arcade days

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  • And to your left youwill see a man child

    • Homless jesus*

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  • Best part was the first elevator and genie animation

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  • I went to this in 2009. I'm so glad I got to experience this. I'm a massive nerd for arcade games and this gave me a massive stiffy

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  • i used to make me family drop me off there everytime we were in orlando, i wonder if i ever saw you there.

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  • i didn't know Jesus can sing

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  • Riot games has stolen pretty much all of their champion designs lol

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  • Your a pretty good singer Charlie.

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  • To this day the only time I have ever peed myself (a lot) in public was at Disney quest because me and my brother refused to waste time on the bathroom between stuff to do. I was young but not that young (like elementary school), and, despite how gross it is looking back on it considering just how much I let out, it was still by far the best pee of my life. I love Disney Quest.

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    • This video unlocked like a whole 2 month period of memories where all I thought about was every ride at Disney Quest. GOD I can’t actually believe they closed that place down holy crap

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  • You should have stayed

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  • I literally just came from that video on a whim

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  • why was that song actually slapping

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  • what, to sick a duck ? #toxic #Trollmaster

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  • Randy Pausch is a Legend!

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  • The go-to place for pinkeye

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  • OH grease lord jesus please make a music video with that :D

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  • I went on my 11th birthday. Holy fuck Charlie don’t do this to me.

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  • Scuffed aladin gon blow yo up

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  • I like knowing that 8 year old Charlie used the roller coaster creator to try to design euthanasia coasters, and then thought it was lame when they wouldn't let him ride it.

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  • I went to Disney Quest the last year before it closed down and it was the most fun arcade ever

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  • Disney is sus

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  • I remember in like 04 i went to the one in Florida. place a vr trip. one game i remember very well was one where u have a vr set and ur like in a pretty big space u get a hilt like some kinda lightsaber and u can see the laser blade in the headset. then there was a bunch of random looking things u fukk up. good times EDIT: 7:19 says it all

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  • I’m here at 999k views

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  • Wasn't sure if I ever went there til I saw the roller coaster simulator and instantly was teleported to 2001

    Alex HawkinsAlex HawkinsPred 2 dnevi
  • I probably met Charlie when I was younger, I was at disney quest all the time lol

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  • Hmmm

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  • 6:27 umm, i don't think that thing belongs in a disney preperty

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  • I remember that magic carpet ride so well, did it tens of times. Not once did i succeed without the helmet coming off my head

    Nick DahlNick DahlPred 2 dnevi
  • I got an ad for a vcr while watching this video. I think you really did go back in time.

    Trevor MTBTrevor MTBPred 2 dnevi
  • Dam I went to Disney Quest I miss it so much I had so many great memories there

    SatellaSatellaPred 2 dnevi
  • That bicep in thumbnail

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  • Disney quest reboot each story is a different era in gaming

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  • My older Adult cousin keeps talking about the wonders that is Disney Quest

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  • -Wait, am I blocking a memory of this? Where was this in Disney World? I don’t remember but I kind of do…it’s weird- nvm this was Chicago! Wow!

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  • 1 year later.. still trying to figure out if everything he says is sarcasm or nothing is...

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  • OOOO so thats why jesus dissapeared after he revived, he came back to continue posting on his youtube channel

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  • Put that song on Spotify for real

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  • Marty, I accidentally put diesel in the delorean!

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  • You're telling me that Disney had all these amazing arcade ideas and didn't put them in Disneyland's Innovations in Tomorrowland? Nah, let's just shut down the whole park dedicated to cool tech and throw out all these machines and ideas. I'm a grown man who doesn't even have nostalgia for these arcade games and I'd be 8 years old again if Disney had these in their parks. They actually shut down the old arcade in Tomorrowland too just for no reason didn't do anything with it just closed the building like nope can't play arcade games even if you want to because f you.

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  • Jenny Nicholson x Charlie crossover episode WHEN

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  • E

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  • As a tampa resident myself, I was mortified, devastated, flabbergasted, and absolutely filled with salt when I heard disney quest was closing. Literally fuck the parks disney quest was all I needed

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  • Charlie biceps in the thumbnail

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  • G@3y

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  • Wait charlie doesn't have a dvd player on his pc pretty weanie

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  • There is a video of the game on the web. It doesnt show the urgot looking guy though.

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  • The aboard donald expectantly request because path differently breathe following a near cicada. useful, dead drake

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  • I think I’m messing something up with DisneyQuest, Harry Potter and other VR quests

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  • How did I never Hear of this place?! I can’t believe I missed it.

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  • the exert of party party party tonight is the best part of this video

    Eti the SpiritEti the SpiritPred 2 dnevi
  • ✌🏻

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  • Why do i feel i've heard charlie's Let's party party party tonight before?

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  • It has been fucking 8 years since i went to orlando and this is what i get

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  • Why can’t anything be this fun anymore, now everything is just about money, you’d think action city would try to make there building look that magical

    CarltonbanksCarltonbanksPred 3 dnevi
  • Man, Charlie makes that place sound incredible. I haven't even been to Disney in my life, and I probably will never because ticket prices keep raising. And im a Florida resident and thats F'd up, yo.

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  • Ok lets party party party tonight unironically slaps

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  • 2:58 Flame tbh

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  • Yo a CD! That's like old or something!

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  • God damn Charlie, your arms be looking real big in that thumb nail

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  • I had no idea what Disney quest was until it showed the design your own rollercoaster ride and the paddling ride All the memories just started flooding back

    Liam GLiam GPred 3 dnevi
  • We're you flexing for the thumbnail?

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  • That sounds really fun

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  • Is charlie on hrt and can now time travel like coach greg?

    Bubbles KunBubbles KunPred 3 dnevi
  • i went on its closing day... the memories.

    ZenoxZenoxPred 3 dnevi
  • i also went back in time too.

    Glamrock Freddy Films and SeriesGlamrock Freddy Films and SeriesPred 3 dnevi
  • Bro, this is so fucking sureal. I had a dream about like, a large multi-story arcade a long time ago and then I see this. This is fucking wacky

    PotatoGodPotatoGodPred 3 dnevi

    not Tonynot TonyPred 3 dnevi
  • The best part was the elevator entry with genie

    Dsilver 1000Dsilver 1000Pred 3 dnevi
  • bitch you said you went in time, not through a nostalgia trip

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  • Holy shit that thumbnail actually looked good, I am so scared of the future

    Inspector FlowstopInspector FlowstopPred 3 dnevi
  • cool

    DamienDamienPred 3 dnevi
  • i remember going in Disney quest and it was some of the most fun i ever had as a kid. its a shame its gone.

    John JonesJohn JonesPred 3 dnevi
  • Went there with my dad when i was like 10 in like ‘08, dope memory

    JC_RaceWorksJC_RaceWorksPred 3 dnevi
  • "I don't have a CD player" Is literally on a desktop that is almost guaranteed to have a disc drive.

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  • Did anybody else go to Charlie's original cd vid to get the lore for this vid?

    Tim StuttingTim StuttingPred 3 dnevi
  • Dodge ball bumper cars, virtual reality, song maker studio, and more. I’m sold

    Council O’ FrogsCouncil O’ FrogsPred 3 dnevi
  • When i went to America i loved Disney quest and i loved the rollercoaster maker thing

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